Life is a beautiful thing. We come here and we learn lessons. We also come here to experiences the goodness of life.

There are many things in life you probably are experiencing now that you haven’t ever felt.
The reason for that is that life is constantly showing you ways in which your soul can grow and evolve.

To understand life is to understand love. Love is the energy of all that is.

To know love is to know God.

This is not a religious post. It is a post about God and love being one in the same. When you come from a place of love, you are with God.
God is always with you, and love is always with you.

Live a life of love, live a life being close to God. This is a life worth living.

We come into the world seeking happiness. Happiness is probably the more sought out emotion in the world today.

Happiness I believe is a by product of being a happy person. That may sound overly simple, but it is true. The person that experiences the emotion of happiness, is generally…

There is peace when you learn to let go. When you hold onto things that are very heavy in order for the ego to survive, you will never have true peace.

Holding onto the ego and always needing to be “right” in relationships for the sake of the ego is…

A positive thinking lifestyle is who you are. It is not what you do. The more you realize that everything you are attracting is coming to you because of who you “are” the more you will focus on being.

What does it mean to focus on being?

It simply begins…

The truth is that you already have within you to bring you happiness. Inside of you is already where you could start.

The Foundation of Happiness Comes From Gratitude

To start within is to start at the foundation of happiness. The foundation of happiness starts with positive thinking. Positive thinking…

Not everyone is an old soul. If you are reading this now, you probably are an old soul.

Some souls have reincarnated on earth many times. Each time a soul comes back on earth in human form, they have new life lessons they must learn here on earth before they…

Great things come to the positive thinker. The person that did very well during the pandemic, were the positive thinking people.

Most of the times people were so focused on the negative, yet the positive thinker saw the good in the situation. …

Most people will read this and see that the title is very compelling. So let us delve deeper into this idea of fully trusting life.

Does this mean that life is always fair?

Well, no it does not always feel like that life is always fair. Some may even say…

If you look at the world around you, you can see how you want to see it. Most of what you see in the outside world is what is already within you.

As you start the journey of living in the positive mindset, you start to become a person more…

Humanity is rising.

Take a look at the world around you. You see people waking up to the truth.

As more of the lies about the world come on to the scene, more people are becoming intuitive and can tell when something is real or fake.

Take a look at…

Baker Jacinto

Published Author. Spirituality, Inspiration, and Law of Attraction expert. Published Author of the timeless classic book

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