Gratitude Leads To Happiness. But Gratitude Also Helps You To Manifest What You Want Faster.

I think gratitude is very undervalued in the world today. For example, how many times have you said thank you today and really felt and meant it?

If you look back at the times in your life when you were most happy for instance, most of those times is when you were feeling the feeling of gratitude.

When you are in a grateful state, life feels at that moment that things are going well for you. It feels like life is lining up for you, at that very moment you feel and express your gratitude. It can last for a few seconds a few minutes. But, that energy, that state you are in is very indeed real and you can feel it in your heart.

You were in a thankful state of mind. An energy of thankfulness. There is also a saying that you can’t be both happy about something/event and complaining about it at the same time.

This is because when you are happy, you are actually excited or thankful for something either actually happening or will happen.

Which brings me to the next powerful manifesting technique I discovered….

Gratitude in Advanced.

What you appreciate, appreciates. So, what this means is that the more you are grateful the more you will have to be grateful for.

So if that is they case, why not be grateful in advance fo things or experiences you want to see happen ?

What if you infused the actually feeling of gratitude with what you want to manifest in your life and bridge it together?

Say, you want a new car. Let’s take it step futher, lets say there is a very specific dream car, or specific model and make of a car that you always wanted.

How do you get that car the manifestation way? Well, ask yourself this key very important question.

What would it like to feel if you got it? Would you feel grateful? Thankful for your new car ?

Visualize the thought and feel the feeling of being grateful for already having the car. Stay in that visualization and feeling for a minute or two each day.

Truly immerse yourself in a feeling of gratitude that what you want is fully and completely already here in the present moment. Don’t doubt it. Don’t question it, don’t add any other negative limited story. Practice this fully in the now.

When you do this, you are saying to God, the universe that it is already yours. This is because the universe doesn’t know whether something is actually happening or not it is just responding to your vibration your energy at that time.

It is the FEELING that is the key.

So try this out, with anything you want to manifest. Be grateful for already having what you want to manifest in the here and now. Be grateful in advance, and simply relax and watch it manifest into physical 3D reality.

I talk about the topic and the true power of being grateful in advance in my latest timeless classic book Conscious Abilities Here.

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