The Best Time For Inner Work

The current lockdowns has been such a blessing. It is a blessing for all those people that need a lot of inner work.

You can’t go outside, so you must go within.

This is the perfect time for doing healing. Inner child wound healing. Healing from within that comes from healing your past. Also allowing yourself to visualize and mediate on the beautiful future you want to create in the world.

The Current World We Live In

The world is at a space in time where each one of us on the planet can create a better world. We can create it firstly with our thoughts. Then imagine love, truth, and happiness on the planet.

Do this enough times, your brain doesn’t know the difference between what is actually happening in your inner world v.s your outer world. Indeed this is the best time to create harmony within yourself by meditation.

This harmony you create within your inner world will reflect back a world in the outside world that is also indeed harmonious.

If you see the world in terms of positive loving energy, that is the same thing you will attract back into your world.

What you see within is what will show in your outside world.

What you are seeing within yourself through repetition inside your minds eye, is what the world is becoming in the external world. I see a world of happiness, peace, and love. A utopia that will be shocking to everyone living on the planet. The world looks extremely bright. The future is going to be truly amazing. I can tell you that is what you have to look forward to.

Humanity is rising. Humanity is moving up into higher levels of consciousness.

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